The tale of Bodana, a devotee of Lord Krishna, is famous among Hindu believers. It is said that pleasedby the worship of Bodana, who used to offer LordKrishna “Tulasiputra”, Lord Krishna came to Dakor on the 15th day of Karatak sud in samvat 1212 (1156 A.D.) from Dwaraka. On His way to Dakor from Dwaraka, Lord Krishna one day broke abranch of a bitter neem tree in the morning to brush his teeth on the edge of village Simalaj located just near Dakor. That particular branch of the neem tree has lost its bitterness ever since and turned into a sweet branch giving birth to the adage “Limadama ek dal meethee”. The neem tree exists even today near the temple of Bileshwar Mahadev on the way to Dakor from Umareth.

Myths also tell us that Gugali – Ambadi bhrahmins of Dwaraka made many attempts to bring the idol of Lord Krishna back to Dwaraka. It is said that these bhrahmins were offered gold equivalent to the weight of the idol of Lord Krishna by Bodana. Gangabai, wife of Bodana, put her nose-ring weighing one and a quarter val (a kind of pulse) on the scale and that lifted the idol of Lord Krishna on there other scale. The place where the idol of Lord Krishna was weighed still exists on the bank of Gomati lake.