Standing tall at a distance of 4 k.m. from the city of Junagdh, the mount of Giranar is 3200 ft high. Rishi Dattatrey performed rigorous ‘Tapa’ (penance) on the peak of this mountain thousands of years ago. Today, pilgrims come here for the ‘Darshan’ of the steps of Dattatrey. Before one reaches to the “Dattatrey tuk”, one has to pass by the temple of Ambaji. Behind the temple of Dattatrey, ‘Sitavan’ and ‘Bharat van’ are located. The cave of Bhratruhari is situated at Avartaka. Moving upward from here, a 700 year old temple of Ambaji is located at “Ambika Shish”. Moving ahead from Ambika Temple, there is a fire place of Gorakhnath near Gorakhshikhar and then one can behold the steps of Dattatrey. On the Dattatraya peak, holy places like Pandav Gufa, Sheshavan and Sitamadhi are situated. At the foot of Giranar, a huge fair of Bhavanath takes place on the day of shivaratri in the month of February. It is said that Lord Shiva appears at this place on this accession. Aghoris, Naga Bavas and Enlightenedsaints come to take a dip in the Mrugi Kund located at this place. Millions of pilgrims undertake “Lill Parikrama” (Walking around the mountain of Giranar) in the month of Karatak after Divali. This is a pilgrimage that has to be completed within 15 days.