The Somanath temple was invaded and looted several times in history, first in 1297 by Mahammad Gazani, then in Samvat 1394 by Afazalkhan, a Sardar (Army leader) of Allauddin Khilaji; it was also looted in 1390, 1451, 1590, 1530 and then for the last time in 1707 by Aurandzeb. The temple was looted as many as 17 times.

When the foundation of the new Somanath temple was excavated, remains of excellent quality of sculptures of the old temple from the Maitrak period up to Solanki period were found at the depth of 13 feet. Of these, the relics of Shiv Tripurantak, Nataraj, Bhairav, Yogi etc. are remarkable.